19th Century Oil Painting "Portrait of a Gentleman"

19th century oil painting on canvas "Portrait of a Gentleman".

Size: 61 cm wide x 6 cm deep x 70 cm high

275 - SOLD

code: C788

19th Century Oil Painting

19th century oil painting "Two Terriers Ratting In A Barn".

Size: 78 cm wide x 7 cm deep x 62 cm high

295 - SOLD

code: A280

Pair Of Victorian Silkwork Pictures

Pair of Victorian silkwork pictures "The Penny lost And The Penny Found".

Size: 20 cm wide x 2 cm deep x 25 cm high

165 - SOLD

code: AK

Late 19th Century Oil Painting

Late 19th century oil painting "A Study Of Two Terriers".

Size: 45 cm wide x 3 cm deep x 37 cm high


code: A497

Oil Painting By J Rhyll

Oil painting by J Rhyll-signed STOKE POGIS.

Size: 35 cm wide x 2 cm deep x 28 cm high


code: K612

19th Century Watercolour "The Old Farm House"

Good 19th century watercolour "The Old Farm House".

Size: 60 cm wide x 2 cm deep x 46 cm high


code: D

19th Century Watercolour "Milkmaids With A Cow & Calf"

19th century watercolour in maple frame "Milkmaids With A Cow & Calf".

Size: 43 cm wide x 2 cm deep x 36 cm high


code: D162

Print Of A Young Girl

Print of a young girl "Feeding Chickens".

Size: 44 cm wide x 3 cm deep x 57 cm high


code: C

19th Century Watercolour Of A Young Girl

19th Century watercolour of a young girl.

Size: 58 cm wide x 4 cm deep x 64 cm high


code: C

19th Century Print

19th Century print.

Size: 23 cm wide x 2 cm deep x 29 cm high


code: C

Early 19th Century Portrait Oil Painting

Early 19th century portrait of P.C Yorke oil painting on canvas in original frame.

Size: 52 cm wide x 7 cm deep x 60 cm high

295 - SOLD

code: A421

Watercolour "Village Street scene"

Watercolour by Regindd Edgecoak " Village Street Scene "

Size: 39 cm wide x 2 cm deep x 29 cm high


code: S647

" Over the Jumps " Oil Painting

" Over the Jumps " oil painting by W Brown - signed and dated 1911 .

Size: 66 cm wide x 55 cm high

220 - SOLD

code: A750

Early 19th century oval oil painting

An early 19th century oval oil painting " Portrait of a lady " in a good condition giltwood frame.

Size: 58 cm wide x 67 cm high

375 - SOLD

code: A778

19th century watercolour

The Old Farmhouse



code: D451A

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