19th Century Carved Oak Box Seat

19th century carved oak box seat.

Size : 46 cm wide x 33 cm deep x 48 cm high


Code: C784

Early 19th Century Mahogany Drop Leaf Work Table

Early 19th century mahogany drop leaf work table.

Size : (15+37=15) cm wide x 46 cm deep x 78 cm high


Code: C

19th Century Mahogany Storage Box

19th century mahogany storage box with leather top.

Size : 34 cm wide x 35 cm deep x 52 cm high


Code: C

Edwardian Mahogany And Crossbanded Sofa Table

Edwardian mahogany and crossbanded sofa table,inlaid with boxwood.

Size : (28+89+28) cm wide x 61 cm deep x 74 cm high


Code: C266

Antique Oak Joint Stool

Antique oak joint stool with carved frieze.

Size : 45 cm wide x 25 cm deep x 44 cm high


Code: C

19th Century Mahogany And Satinwood Inlaid Kidney Shaped Table

Small 19th century mahogany and satinwood inlaid kidney shaped table.

Size : 79 cm wide x 35 cm deep x 77 cm high


Code: W546

Antique Oak Joint Stool

Antique oak joint stool.

Size : 46 cm wide x 26 cm deep x 48 cm high


Code: C840

George III Mahogany And Boxwood Line Inlaid Serpentine Card Table

George III mahogany and boxwood line inlaid serpentine card table.

Size : 91 cm wide x 45 cm deep x 73 cm high

325 - SOLD

Code: C809

Early 20th Century Oak Monk's Bench

Early 20th century oak monk's bench.

Size : 92 cm wide x 49 cm deep x 104 cm high

345 - SOLD

Code: C

Early 20th Century Carved Oak Monk's Bench

Small early 20th century carved oak monk's bench.

Size : 77 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 118 cm high

395 - SOLD

Code: C808

Victorian Walnut Canterbury

Victorian walnut canterbury.

Size : 55 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 51 cm high

275 - SOLD

Code: C799

Victorian Walnut Fender Stool

Victorian walnut fender stool with needlework upholstery.

Size : 115 cm wide x 30 cm deep x 20 cm high

245 - SOLD

Code: C765

Victorian Mahogany Round Jardiniere

Victorian mahogany round jardiniere.

Size : 61 cm diameter x 46 cm high


Code: W

Victorian Walnut And Inlaid Two Tier Whatnot

Victorian walnut and inlaid two tier whatnot.

Size : 55 cm wide x 35 cm deep x 61 cm high

127 - SOLD

Code: W

Victorian Oval Walnut Sutherland Table

Victorian small oval walnut sutherland table.

Size : (30+13+30)cm wide x 56 cm deep x 56 cm high


Code: C741

Victorian Mahogany Piano Stool

Victorian mahogany piano stool on carved cabriole legs.

Size : 34 cm diameter x 55 cm high

165 - SOLD

Code: C763

19th Century Correction Chair

19th century correction chair.

Size : 37 cm wide x 26 cm deep x 98 cm high


Code: C771

Georgian Mahogany Inlaid Oval Tray

Georgian mahogany inlaid oval tray.

Size : 61 cm wide x 41 cm deep

110 - SOLD

Code: W

19th Century Oak Joint Stool

19th century oak joint stool.

Size : 45 cm wide x 29 cm deep x 45 cm high


Code: C

Victorian Oak Hall Seat

Victorian oak hall seat with panelled back.

Size : 61 cm wide x 47 cm deep x 108 cm high


Code: C698

18th Century Oak Lowboy

18th century oak lowboy.

Size : 77 cm wide x 46 cm deep x 73 cm high


Code: C700

19th Century Dutch Marquetry Mahogany And Satinwood Inlaid Dressing Table

19th century dutch marquetry mahogany and satinwood inlaid dressing table with opening top and shelves that raise up from inside and two drawers to the front.

Size : 52 cm wide x 48 cm deep x 86 cm high

395 - SOLD

Code: C703

Victorian Mahogany Bijouterie Table

Victorian mahogany bijouterie table.

Size : 60 cm wide x 42 cm deep x 73 cm high


Code: C687

Victorian Carved Walnut Tray On Stand

Victorian carved walnut tray on stand.

Size : 77 cm wide x 59 cm deep x 72 cm high


Code: C604

19th Century French Inlaid Mahogany And Crossbanded Dressing Table/Vanity Box

19th century french inlaid mahogany and crossbanded two tier dressing table/vanity box.

Size : 57 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 73 cm high


Code: W472

Edwardian Mahogany And Satinwood Inlaid Tray on Later Stand

Edwardian oval mahogany and satinwood inlaid tray on later stand.

Size : 56 cm wide x 38 cm deep x 59 cm high


Code: C

19th Century Carved Mahogany Wall Shelves

19th century carved mahogany wall shelves.

Size : 62 cm wide x 13 cm deep x 69 cm high

185 - SOLD

Code: W444

George III Mahogany And Crossbanded Serpentine Pembroke Table

George III mahogany and crossbanded serpentine pembroke table with boxwood line inlay.

Size : 22+50+22 cm wide x 70 cm deep x 73 cm high


Code: C487

Superb Quality Early 20th Century Dutch Mahogany And Satinwood Marquetry Games Table

Superb quality early 20th century dutch mahogany and satinwood marquetry games table.

Size : 81 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 74 cm high

575 - SOLD

Code: C418

Regency Design Mahogany Demi Lune Card Table

Regency design mahogany demi lune card table.

Size: 95 cm wide x 47 cm deep x 74 cm high


Code: C241

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