19th Century Arch Shaped Wall Mirror

19th century arch shaped wall mirror with tortoiseshell and gilt frame.

Size: 77 cm wide x 4 cm deep x 103 cm high



19th Century Giltwood Wall Mirror

19th century giltwood wall mirror surmounted by garland strung urn.

Size: 82 cm wide x 6 cm deep x 70 cm high



19th Century Mahogany Overmantel Mirror

19th century mahogany overmantel mirror.

Size: 90 cm wide x 6 cm deep x 56 cm high



19th Century Ornate Gilded Pier Mirror

19th century ornate gilded pier mirror.

Size: 60 cm wide x 7 cm deep x 78 cm high



19th Century Mahogany Fret Carved Wall Mirror

Large 19th century mahogany fret carved wall mirror.

Size: 52 cm wide x 3 cm deep x 95 cm high

185 - SOLD


George III Serpentine Fronted Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror

George III mahogany and boxwood line inlaid, shield shape serpentine fronted dressing table mirror.

Size: 48 cm wide x 20 cm deep x 63 cm high

245 - SOLD


Large Oval Gilded Wall Mirror

Large oval decorative gilded wall mirror.

Size: 63 cm wide x 5 cm deep x 76 cm high



Fine Quality Antique Walnut Cusion Frame Mirror

Fine quality antique walnut cusion frame mirror with bevelled glass.

Size: 92 cm wide x 4 cm deep x 61 cm high

295 - SOLD


Early 20th Century Arched Top Walnut Cheval Mirror

Early 20th century arched top walnut cheval mirror.

Size: 40 cm wide x 3 cm deep x 155 cm high

285 - SOLD

code:W 445

19th Century Gilded Convex Mirror

19th century gilded convex mirror with eagle surmount.

Size: 55 cm wide x 8 cm deep x 86 cm high



Edwardian Mahogany And Inlaid Oval Swing Mirror

Edwardian mahogany and inlaid oval swing mirror.

Size: 39 cm wide x 3 cm deep x 56 cm high

89 - SOLD


A Pair Of Fruitwood Mirrors

A pair of fruitwood mirrors painted panels by E M Ball.

Size: 28 cm wide x 3 cm deep x 54 cm high

275 - SOLD

code:W 373

Regency Gilt Framed Overmantle Mirror

Regency gilted overmantle mirror with shaped cornice and fluted column.

Size: 64 cm wide x 6 cm deep x 112 cm high

295 - SOLD

code:W 389

19th Century Walnut Fret Carved Wall Mirror

19th century walnut fret carved wall mirror.

Size: 47 cm wide x 2 cm deep x 88 cm high


code:W 1

Walnut Wall Mirror With Prince Of Wales Crest

Walnut wall mirror with prince of wales crest.

Size: 42 cm wide x 3 cm deep x 78 cm high



19th Century Gilt Frame Wall Mirror

19th century gilt frame wall mirror.

Size: 50 cm wide x 3 cm deep x 135 cm high

175 - SOLD

code: W311

Regency Three Section Giltwood Over Mantle Mirror

Regency three section giltwood over mantle mirror with bevelled plates and corinthium columns.

Size: 139 cm wide x 92 cm high

395 - SOLD

code: W267

19th century mahogany fret carved wall mirror with ho ho bird surmount


Size: 48cm x 74cm


code: W178

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